ARP LOCAL EDUCATION PLAN: The  American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides
substantial federal resources to support states and local school districts. As a result, local school districts
are required to develop a plan which details the safe return to in-person instruction and ensures the
continuity of services. This plan is accessible to our stakeholders, and will be monitored and revised as
necessary based on ongoing review through September 30, 2023.

MITIGATION STRATEGIES: White County Schools successfully operated in-person throughout the
pandemic during the 2020-2021 school year, and will return to pre-pandemic practices. Should health
conditions arise or stakeholder feedback necessitates, the District will re-assemble their preparedness
teams to review conditions and mitigation strategies and make necessary revisions. District preparedness
teams include administrators, school nurses, and other staff/community members, and the teams work in
close collaboration with the White County Health Department (WCHD).

The following strategies will be implemented to ensure student and staff safety:

Physical Distancing: WCSS will return to pre-pandemic protocols.

Handwashing/Respiratory Etiquette: Handwashing and/or sanitizing will continue to be
emphasized throughout the school day. Student will be encouraged to wash or sanitize their
hands frequently. Cough/sneeze etiquette will continue to be taught and modeled.

Facilities: Daily cleaning protocols will return to pre-pandemic practices.

Contact Tracing: Contact tracing will occur based upon guidance from the Department of Public
Health and the White County Health Department for all infectious diseases.

Vaccinations: WCSS has been the host site for staff/community vaccinations, and are willing
to continue to serve in that capacity if requested by the DPH and WCHD.

STUDENT ACADEMIC NEEDS: WCSS continues to monitor the academic impact from the school
closures in the Spring of 2020. Administrators and teachers will regularly analyze multiple sources of
data in order to identify the learning needs of all students. Appropriate research-based interventions will
be provided to address academic gaps for students as needed.

DIGITAL DISTANCE LEARNING: WCSS continues to offer a Digital Distance Learning program to
students in grades 6-12.

continue to closely monitor and assess the social/emotional/mental health needs of our students as we
have throughout the 2020-21 school year during in-person instruction. Our Guidance Counselors, Nurses,
School Resource Officers, Teaching, Administrative, and Classified staffs will remain vigilant to the needs
of all students. Additional programming, surveys, and/or outside services may be utilized to address any
social, emotional, or mental health issues.

STUDENT HEALTH NEEDS: All White County Schools have invested in nursing services to ensure that
LPN/RN’s are on site daily (whenever school is in session) to tend to the health needs of our
students/staffs. Close collaboration and partnerships will also continue with our local emergency
responders, law enforcement, and agencies who provide vital health/safety services to our families.

NUTRITIONAL NEEDS: WCSS will continue offering daily food service that meets all federal
requirements. Any families that are known to struggle with food insecurity will be confidentially directed to
the plethora of local organizations/locations of food pantries and free meal services. Our Backpack
Buddies program will continue to provide weekend meals for identified families.

The White County Schools’ Safe Continuation of In-Person Instruction and Continuity of
Services Plan is subject to change through September 30, 2023. Input from our community
stakeholders will be taken to inform any changes to this plan when it is reviewed. Continued
collaboration and guidance will be sought from the Department of Public Health and the White
County Health Department.

To submit feedback on our system's plan, please click on the link below:

ESSER III Stakeholder Input Survey

Respectfully submitted by:

Dr. Laurie Burkett, Superintendent – White County Schools