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Preschool Special Education is a program designed to serve children ages 3-5 who exhibit Significant Developmental Delay (SDD) in at least one of five developmental areas. The five areas are: communication, cognition, social/emotional development, physical delays, and adaptive development. Placement options may include: preschool facility-based intervention programs, Head Start, prekindergarten programs, private early care, and home and community programs. Eligibility for these programs is determined through a formal evaluation which includes parent interview, observation, and standardized evaluation instruments and an Individualized Education Plan written.

PREP’S services include:

  • Preschool Special Education
  • Speech and Language
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Support Services for parents and all care providers

Special Education Services are:

  • Center-Based
  • Home-Based
  • Community-Based

There is no charge. PREP is funded by federal and state preschool special education grants, as well as receiving funds from the White County School System.

The White County School system believes that early intervention is essential in meeting the needs of the children in White County.