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Section 504

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Requires any agency, school or institution receiving federal financial assistance to provide persons with disabilities to the greatest extent possible, an opportunity to be fully integrated into the mainstream.


Defines persons with disabilities who:

* have a physical or mental impairment which limits one or more major life activities

* have a record of such impairment; or

* are regarded as having an impairment

Who is covered

Protects all persons with a disability from discrimination in educational setting based solely on disability

Services provided

Eliminates barriers that would prevent a student from full participation in programs/services offered to the general school population.


School district is responsible for identifying and evaluating students with disabilities. Evaluations are the responsibility of the school and are performed at no expense to student or parent. Parents must consent to evaluations and placement decisions.

Classroom Placement

Placement is in regular classroom with support services to eliminate barriers to the educational experience.

Student and Parental Rights

White County School System

Notice of Rights of Students and Parents Under Section 504

Section 504 Procedural Safeguards

For more information regarding Section 504, or if you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact your local system’s Section 504 Coordinator at the following address:

Dr. MaryKay Berry

136 Warriors Path

Cleveland, GA 30528