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The White County Student Services Department includes:

  • Special Education

  • Social Work Services

  • School Psychological Services

  • Special Education Parent Mentor

  • White County Family Connection

White County Schools Parent Mentor Jane Grillo is here to help you Learn more about the survey from a fellow parent



In compliance with IDEA 2007 and with state guidance, the White County School System has the responsibility to identify all home school students who may or do qualify for special education. Once identified, the school district must conduct meaningful consultation with the parents concerning the services that may be provided. These services may not be to the extent provided in the public school, but they will be provided up to the proportionate amount of federal funds designated for home school children. A virtual meeting is scheduled on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. in the White County School System’s Board Room.

If you know of or have a home schooled student who may be eligible for services, please contact the Student Services Department at 706-865-2315, ext. 1300 so we may obtain the necessary information to send you a notice and log-in link to join the virtual meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please notify:

Dr. MaryKay Berry, Director of Student Services

136 Warriors Path, Cleveland, GA 30528


Dr. MaryKay Berry, Director

Dr. MaryKay Berry, Director

136 Warriors Path

Cleveland, GA 30528




The White County School System Department of Student Services announces its intention to destroy records that were developed to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the White County School System. This notice is in compliance with the federal, state, and local policy. Records will be destroyed July 15, 2021, and will be based on the following criteria:

  • Students with disabilities who became twenty-five (25) years old in the year 2020.

  • Students with disabilities born in the year 1996.

These records will be destroyed as they are no longer needed for educational purposes. The parent, legal guardian, or the student (18 years old or older) may request records prior to destruction by contacting the Department of Student Services at 706-865-2315. You will be required to provide identification or verification data to acquire these records.

The White County School System Central Enrollment Office will retain the permanent record of the student’s name, address and telephone number, his/her grades, attendance record, classes attended, grade level completed, and year completed. This information will be maintained without time limitation.

If you have additional questions, contact Dr. Mary Kay Berry marykay.berry@white.k12.ga.us