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Welcome Back Warrior Nation!

As I start year 3 here in White county, I believe these times have brought out the best of us! We have seen and done things we didn't think possible. We have made things better in the middle of a pandemic. I believe we have made our schools better and safer for in house learning. I also realize and I understand those who feel Digital Based Learning is what they need at this time. Our Teachers, Administration, Bus Drivers, Custodians, and Nutritionalist have done a wonderful job preparing for the best way to help ALL our students. We will continue to strive and prepare. We know there will be adjustments and things we cannot predict. However, we will continue to keep all safe, educated, and fed to the best of our ability.

We are Whiteco and we are in this together!!



Scott Justus, Eds.

Assistant Superintendent

Operations, Facilities, Maintenance and Safety

136 Warriors Path, Cleveland, GA 30528

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"To Know, Value, and Inspire Every Child"