Family Connection

White County Family Connection is the local affiliate of the Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GAFCP). GAFCP’s goals are: healthy children; children primed for school; children succeeding in school; stable, self-sufficient productive families; and thriving communities. GAFCP provides state and local agencies and policymakers with the current reliable data they need to inform decisions about improving outcomes for the children, families, and communities they serve.

In White County, the purpose of the organization is:

· To achieve a core set of results identified by the community for children and families

· To develop a comprehensive plan for public and private agencies to respond effectively to the problems confronting White County’s children, youth and families

· To coordinate, evaluate and provide services and assistance in implementing the comprehensive plan developed by the community

· To inform and educate the community about the status and needs of its children, youth and their families

The White County School System serves as White County Family Connection's fiscal agent and provides us with office space and other in-kind contributions. You may contact White County Family Connection at 706-219-4034. To access the White County Family Connections external website, please click the image below.

White County Family Connections