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Testing and Student Accountability

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White County School System has a legacy of commitment to excellence in education. We have high expectations for engaging all students in learning and enabling them to reach their highest potential. We continue to promote a school culture of achievement and personal success for both students and staff by nurturing the desire in all of us to become lifelong learners. We are committed as a school system to a team effort that works in the best interest of all students.


How do we know that we have achieved our desired goal for excellence? We participate in the Georgia Assessment Program, which demands rigorous testing of students annually. It is a part of a comprehensive county assessment program that helps both parents and teachers measure student achievement. We believe that comprehensive measures of achievement, both formal and informal, used together and over time give rich information for improving the quality of student work.


Our schools’ successes are primarily due to this focus on student learning. Teachers using test data to make sound decisions result in improved achievement for our student population. Teachers are continuously looking for effective data-driven instructional strategies to use that are based on the actual needs of their students. The test results that I am releasing today indicate the above-average achievement of our students in the state of Georgia and in the nation and our improvement over time in academic measures. They also represent our continuing challenge to improve test scores and other pertinent measures of student success. We believe our best effort will always be necessary to develop the potential of the students in White County Schools.

Cindy Free,
Dec 18, 2015, 7:34 AM