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Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education

White County School System offers 11 Pathways in seven of Georgia's Career Clusters. Our programs of study are designed to help students successfully transition into post-secondary education or enter the workforce by providing rigorous academic standards, hands-on experiences and real-world learning opportunities. 
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Plant Science/Horticulture Career Pathway
Basic Agricultural Science 
General Horticulture and Plant Science
Nursery and Landscape

Plant & Floral Design Career Pathway
Basic Agricultural Science
General Horticulture and Plant Science
Floral Design & Management

Forestry/Natural Resources Career Pathway
Basic Agricultural Science 
Forestry Science
Wildlife Management

Animal Systems Career Pathway
Basic Agricultural Science
Animal Science Technology/Biotechnology
Agricultural Animal Production & Management

Power, Structure & Technical Systems Pathway
Basic Agricultural Science and Technology
Agricultural Mechanics I
Agricultural Mechanics II

Architecture & Construction
Metals Technology Pathway
Industry Fundamentals and Occupational Safety
Introduction to Metals
Welding I

Arts, AV Technology & Communication
Audio & Video Technology & Film Pathway
Audio & Video Tech & Film I
Audio & Video Tech & Film II
Audio & Video Tech & Film III

Business Management & Administration
Entrepreneurship Pathway
Introduction to Business & Technology
Legal Environment of Business

Education & Training
Teaching as a Profession Pathway
Examining the Teaching Profession
Contemporary Issues in Education
Teaching as a Profession Internship

Government & Public Administration
JROTC Army Career  Pathway
JROTC Army Leadership Education I
JROTC Army Leadership Education II
JROTC Army Leadership Education III

Health Sciences
Therapeutic Services – Nursing Career Pathway
Introduction Healthcare Science
Essentials of Healthcare
Nursing Essentials

Therapeutic Services – Allied Health Career Pathway
Introduction to Healthcare
Essentials of Healthcare
Allied Health & Medicine

Human Services
Personal Care Services – Cosmetology
Introduction to Personal Care Services
Cosmetology I
Cosmetology II