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Career, Technical and Agriculture Education

White County School System offers 11 Pathways in seven of Georgia's Career Clusters. Our programs of study are designed to help students successfully transition into post-secondary education or enter the workforce by providing rigorous academic standards, hands-on experiences and real-world learning opportunities.

After students have completed all three of the required classes for a pathway, and have passed the Georgia Pathway test they are a pathway completer and will be awarded a metal to wear at graduation.
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources 
The Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Career Cluster includes the production, processing, marketing, financing, distribution, and development of agricultural commodities and resources. These commodities include food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products/resources.
    Plant Science/Horticulture Career Pathway
        Basic Agricultural Science 
        General Horticulture and Plant Science         
        Nursery and Landscape

    Plant & Floral Design Career Pathway
        Basic Agricultural Science
        General Horticulture and Plant Science
        Floral Design & Management
    Forestry/Natural Resources Career Pathway
        Basic Agricultural Science 
        Forestry Science
        Wildlife Management

    Animal Systems Career Pathway
        Basic Agricultural Science
        Animal Science Technology/Biotechnology
        Agricultural Animal Production & Management

     Power, Structure & Technical Systems Pathway
        Basic Agricultural Science and Technology
        Agricultural Mechanics I
        Agricultural Mechanics II

For more information about Agriculture Education click here to visit the Georgia Agriculture Education website

Architecture & Construction
The Architecture and Construction Career Cluster includes careers in designing, planning, managing, and building structures.             Metals Technology Pathway
        Industry Fundamentals and Occupational Safety
        Introduction to Metals
        Welding I

For more information about the metals pathway click here to visit the Skills USA website

Arts, AV Technology & Communication
The Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications Career Cluster includes designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content.
    Audio & Video Technology & Film Pathway
        Audio & Video Tech & Film I
        Audio & Video Tech & Film II
        Audio & Video Tech & Film III

To learn more about opportunities in the broadcast video pathway click here to visit the ESE Network to learn about their Georgia Universal Grant that White County High School Broadcast Program was recently awarded.

Business Management & Administration
The Business Management & Administration Career Cluster prepares students with computer skills for future college and career plans. Cluster skills mastered include planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating as well as owning and operating a successful business.
    Entrepreneurship Pathway
        Introduction to Business & Technology
        Legal Environment of Business

To learn about opportunities through the business pathway click here to visit the Georgia FBLA website.
Education & Training
The Education and Training Career Cluster includes planning, managing, and providing education and training services as well as related learning support services.
    Teaching as a Profession Pathway
        Examining the Teaching Profession
        Contemporary Issues in Education
        Teaching as a Profession Internship

Government & Public Administration
The Government & Public Administration Career Cluster includes the planning and performing of government management and administrative functions at local, state, and federal levels. Careers are available in national security, foreign service, revenue, and regulations.
    JROTC Army Career Pathway
        JROTC Army Leadership Education I
        JROTC Army Leadership Education II
        JROTC Army Leadership Education III

To learn more about the JROTC program click here.

Health Sciences
The Health Science Career Cluster includes planning, managing, and providing services in therapeutics, diagnostics, health informatics, support areas, and biotechnology research and development.
    Therapeutic Services – Nursing Career Pathway
        Introduction Healthcare Science
        Essentials of Healthcare
        Nursing Essentials

    Therapeutic Services – Allied Health Career Pathway
        Introduction to Healthcare
        Essentials of Healthcare
        Allied Health & Medicine


For more information about the Health Sciences program click here to visit the Georgia HOSA website

Human Services
The Human Services Career Cluster prepares individuals for employment activities related to family and human needs such as nutrition and food science, counseling and mental health services, family and community services, personal care, and consumer services.
    Personal Care Services – Cosmetology
        Introduction to Personal Care Services
        Cosmetology I
        Cosmetology II

To learn more about the opportunities in the Cosmetology pathway visit the Skills USA pathway.