BOE Minutes

White County Board of Education

Cleveland, Georgia

Board Highlights 

Highlights of the regular meeting of November 16, 2017.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Chairman Missy Jarrard in the Cliff H. Hood Administrative Board Room at 136 Warriors Path.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:    Missy Jarrard, Jon Estes, Charlie Bryson, Charlie Thomas, Barry Vandiver



STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:      Jeff Wilson, Sandra Dorsey, William Sperin, Trish Fussell, Cindy Free, Angie Helton, Darren Sledge, Stacie Ward, Jill Baughman, Jennifer King, Octavius Mulligan, Kristi Gerrells, Mary Anne Collier, John Osborne, Alan Griffin, Bus Drivers of the Year, Employees of the Year, and Teachers of the Year from each school.


VISITORS PRESENT:         Linda Erbele, White County News; Dean Dyer, WRWH Radio, family and friends of our Bus Drivers, Employees, and Teachers of the Year, Pastor Tim Morgan

The meeting was opened with prayer by Pastor Tim Morgan from Faith Lutheran Church.


Mrs. Angie Helton presented the Bus Driver of the Year, Employee of the Year and Teacher of the Year Awards to the following employees:

Bus Drivers:                       Employees:                                     Teachers:                

JPN                   Sherre Moore                           Karen Hawkins                                Nancy Nelson

MCES               Deanna Reeves                         Rhonda Navarro                             Bethann Fain

MYES               Tim Kinsey                                Christy Fain                                     Shelly McDonald

TGAP                Gail Turner                               Mary Trigg                                        Suzanne Grisham

WCMS             Lynn Taylor                              Debbie Simmons                             Aubrey Cochran

NGA                  Lynn Taylor                              Nancy Dorsey                                   Yarixa Oaks

WCHS              Lynn Taylor                              Joe Sanfilippo                                  Nancy Dockery

SP Ed/Monitor/Sub – Jessica Satterfield

And the System Winners are:

Bus Driver of the Year                    Tim Kinsey

Employee of the Year                      Nancy Dorsey

Teacher of the Year                         Bethann Fain

Congratulations to everyone on a terrific job.

Special Reports

Ø    WCHS  - John Osborne gave an update on the high school.   He discussed moving from Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment, CCRPI scores, our region classification with GHSA and how they are trying to get that changed.  He and Dr. Wilson discussed this at length and reported what steps have been taken to see if this can be changed. 

Superintendent’s Report
Ø  GSBA Beacon Award – Mrs. Linda Erbele of the White County News has been chosen by the Georgia School Boards Association to receive the Beacon Award.  This will be presented to Linda at the December conference.  This award recognizes print and electronic media representatives or organizations whose coverage over time has created understanding of public education issues by informing the general public about programs, policies and/or issues affecting the public schools, students, and/or communities.
Ø  AdvancEd Update – Dr. Wilson stated that we are in the process of gathering all the information needed for our five year review which will take place in March, 2018.  The Board meetings in November and December will be recorded for this purpose as well.
Ø  CCRPI – Dr. Wilson stated again, how proud he is of our schools, teachers and students of the scores on the CCRPI. We are in the top 15% in the state.
Ø  BOE Policies – the policies tabled last month are ready for final approval.   
Ø  Early Dismissal (December 18th & 19th) – the middle school, Ninth Grade Academy and the high school will have early dismissal on December 18th and all schools will have early dismissal on December 19th.
Ø  Building Update – Dr. Wilson presented a slideshow on the progress of the new Ninth Grade Academy.  There is remarkable progress each day.  He also stated that MYES had septic tank issues and this will need to be addressed soon.
Ø  FY 19 Budget – it is early to start discussing budget for next year but Dr. Wilson stated that he will begin to bring information to the Board soon.
Ø  Joint Use Agreement with County – Dr. Wilson asked the Board to review the current agreement.  It is time for renewal of this agreement.  Any suggestions for changes, please let him know.                      
Ø  Field Trip Confirmation – this was a trip that came in after the last board meeting for a competition.                            
Ø  Resolution to Authorize Investment – Georgia Fund I  - the Board will need to vote to open this account for the money from the sale of the Duncan Bridge propert
 Ø  January 2018 Board Retreat Tentative Agenda – Dr. Wilson asked the Board for their input on this tentative agenda.

Financial Report
Trish Fussell presented the October Financial Report on the following accounts:
General Fund
2010-2012 Bond Debt Service
Capital Bond Account
Capital Status.
Trish also explained a graft she presented on a Bond/SPLOST scenario showing how this process works.
Action Items
Old Business
  1. Removed from table and approved the following BOE Policies
*    JBCCA(2)  -  Unsafe School Choice Option        
*    JBC – School Admissions             
*    JBCB – Non Resident Student     
*    JBCB ® - Non Resident Student Tuition

         2.  Confirmed approval of overnight field trip for WCHS – Borg 
    New Busines
            3.  Approved Resolution to Authorize Investment – Georgia Fund I
            4.  Approved field trip -  TGAP – Rogers     
 The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

White County Board of Education

Cleveland, Georgia

Board Highlights


Highlights of the regular meeting of November 14, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by Chairman Missy Jarrard in the Cliff H. Hood Administrative Board Room at 136 Warriors Path.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Missy Jarrard, Jon Estes, Charlie Bryson, Charlie Thomas, Barry Vandiver




STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:   Jeff Wilson, Sandra Dorsey, William Sperin, Trish Fussell, Angie Helton, Cindy Free, MaryKay Berry, Darren                                                               Sledge,  Abby Rowland, Kelly Crane, Charles Dewalt


VISITORS PRESENT:      Linda Erbele, White County News;


The meeting was opened with prayer by Missy Jarrard.


1.           Minutes of the October 17, 2017 and October 19, 2017 meetings were approved.


Department Reports

Ø   Board Governance Observation Tool – AdvancEd - Angie Helton gave an overview of the upcoming AdvancEd Review in March, 2018.  She

 provided information on the process, who participates (board members and other stakeholders will be interviewed individually).  She explained about the internal review at the school and district level, timelines, the type of information they are looking at, SQF Diagnostic (School Quality Factor), and how they use the SQF results.  She also provided resource websites that will be helpful to review beforehand.

Cindy Free – As part of the AdvancEd review, presented information regarding how our strategic plan, district improvement plan and school improvement plans all work together along with our goals, comprehensive needs assessment and input from all stakeholders, administration,

 councils are used to continually evaluate and examine our progress.

Ø   School Nutrition Update - Abby Rowland gave an update on the Nutrition Department pertaining to our free/reduced status and how that all affects so many different areas within our system.  The number of participants this year is down significantly from last year.

Ø   Live School Broadcasting - Charles Dewalt reported that our system is the first school system in the state whereby all of our schools have 

the capability of broadcasting live each day.  This could be for morning announcements, assemblies, etc. and this program is student driven.  The students are engaged and on the air and running the equipment.  The schools have the capability of broadcasting on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.   This is an exciting time for our students.


Superintendent’s Report

Ø   GSBA Beacon Award – Dr. Wilson announced that GSBA did indeed choose the White County News-Linda Erbele for this year’s Beacon Award which will be presented to Linda during the Winter Conference in December.  Congratulations to Linda and White County News.

Ø   AdvancEd Update – Dr. Wilson will talk more about this on Thursday.

Ø   CCRPI – our scores have come in and look very good.  The state average is 75% and we are at 85.7%.  Dr. Wilson stated that he is very proud of our students and staff.

Ø   BOE Policies – there are no changes to these policies during the 1st reading and will be up for approval on Thursday.

*            JBCCA(2)  -  Unsafe School Choice Option  

*            JBC – School Admissions             

*            JBCB – Non Resident Student     

*            JBCB ® - Non Resident Student Tuition           

Ø   Field Trip Confirmation – we had an overnight field trip that was approved through E-mail and will need to be confirmed on Thursday.         

Ø   PAYG Request November 2017 – the middle school is up for technology rotation this year and Dr. Wilson is asking for money to replace an

 HVAC unit at TGAP.      

Ø   Early Dismissal (December 18th & 19th) – these days will be early dismissal for WCMS, NGA, and WCHS on both days, and elementary schools on the 19th.

Ø   Building Update – Dr. Wilson will give an update on Thursday

Ø   Telemedicine Update – there were areas in the contract that are still under review and will have to be revised in order for our system to


Ø   FY 19 Budget – Dr. Wilson will begin the process of providing preliminary information on the FY 19 budget in the coming months.  The

 cost of benefits will impact the budget greatly.  Our FTE count is down and reports indicate that we are a community of senior citizens which also affects our local money.

Ø   Energy Savings Recognition – Jack P. Nix and White County High School have received recognition by the US Energy Policy Act of 2005 for improving the HVAC system at Jack P. Nix and by the design and build of the new CTAE labs at the high school.  Certain guidelines have to be met toward improving energy efficiency in order to receive this recognition. 

Ø   Joint Use Agreement with County – it is time to renew the contract with the county for use of facilities and Trish Fussell and Dr. Wilson discussed certain items that will need to be reviewed and changed.  The board will need to look at the topic of travel teams using the facilities as well.

Ø   Resolution to Authorize Investment – Georgia Fund I – following the sale of the property on Duncan Bridge Road, the Board has asked that this money be laid aside for future capital projects or property and not be used in the general fund.  We already have money in the Georgia Fund 1; however, another account will need to be opened for this if the board so chooses. 

Ø   2017 SPLOST Schedule for Advertisement – as part of the Transparency in Government Act, we are required to advertise a SPLOST Schedule each year.  Trish Fussell has prepared this for the board to review and approve for advertisement.

Ø   GSBA Winter Conference Packets – information for the upcoming conference in December was provided to the board.

Ø   January 2018 Board Retreat Tentative Agenda – Dr. Wilson has prepared a tentative agenda for the January workshop.  Any items that the 

board would like to add, just let Dr. Wilson know.       

Ø   Yearly Calendar – all items have been addressed for November.


Action Items      

2.          The PAYG Request for November was approved.

3.          The 2017 SPLOST Schedule for Advertisement was approved.

4.          Following executive session, the following personnel action was approved:

Reduction in Position:     Kim Kelly – from full-time bus driver to substitute bus driver effective 11-6-17


Transfer:                             Lynn Bramblette – Bookkeeper from JPN to MYES



Resignation:                      Nancy Polli – School Nutrition Assistant effective 11-30-17

                                             Korey Harkins – Parapro at WCMS effective 11-30-17


Appointments:                  Elaine Wiley from substitute bus driver to full-time bus

                                                         driver effective 11-15-17

                                             Cassandra Shaffer - substitute bus driver pending

                                                         completion of training

                                             Amber Dean – Special Ed Parapro at JPN effective 12-4-17


The meeting adjourned at 9:21 AM.