BOE Minutes

White County Board of Education

Cleveland, Georgia

Board Highlights    

Highlights of the regular meeting of February 20, 2018.

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by Chairman Missy Jarrard in the Media Center at White County High School 

at 2600 Hwy 129 North, Cleveland, GA. 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:    Missy Jarrard, Jon Estes, Charlie Bryson, Charlie Thomas, Barry Vandiver


STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT:      Jeff Wilson, Sandra Dorsey, Laurie Burkett, William Sperin, Trish Fussell, Angie Helton, 

                                                              Cindy Free, MaryKay Berry, Darren Sledge, Abby Rowland, Kelly Crane 

VISITORS PRESENT:                     Stephanie Hill, White County News; 

The meeting was opened with prayer by William Sperin. 

The agenda and the January minutes were approved. 

Department Reports

Ø  Abby Rowland gave the  January Supper Program report as follows:

Number of meals served:

JPN     1341

TGES  1151

MYES 1394

MCES 1323 

            5209 total


Revenue: $18,036.16


Expenses: $12,597.26


           Superintendent’s Report

Ø  2018-2019 School Calendar- Dr. Wilson reported that the calendar had been available for survey by both                         student/staff and the community for input.  By a very slight margin, Option 1 was the most favored. 

Ø  Annual Review of BOE Policy JBC (1) – Homeless Students- this is the time of year for the annual review of this             policy to ensure all needs are met for any student.

Ø  FY 16 Audit Report – the report has come back with no findings.  We had a very clean audit for FY 16.         

Ø  FY 19 Budget – this is still being worked on and there are very few changes since the last review          .                      

Ø  Student Waivers – we have had three requests for a Civics waiver from students who moved into our county who

     was not required to have our same requirement for Civics in order to graduate.

Ø  Strategic Plan 2018-2023 – the plan has been tweaked and is ready for approval.

Ø  GSBA Legislative Positions established for 2018 – the board is asked to review these positions and let us know if 

    there are any changes or additions they wish to make.

Ø  Appoint a Delegate and Alternate for the GSBA Conference (June 8 & 9, 2018 in Savannah) – these will need to be        appointed on Thursday.

Ø  Pioneer RESA’s Board Training Proposals for FY 19 to GADOE –RESA will send a list of courses they will offer to

     the state department for approval.  The Board is asked to review and make any suggestions for any additional                 courses they would like.   

Ø  AdvancEd Visit – we are on target for our review.  A new chair person has been assigned to us but everything is             ready for March 5th.

Ø  Paving at WCHS/Nutrition Request –Dr. Wilson informed the board that we will use $300,000 of contingency              funds for paving at the high school along with up to $50,000 to purchase additional equipment for the nutrition           department.

Ø  Emergency Plan – FYI – Dr. Wilson is in the process of reviewing the schools/system emergency plans for 2018-          2019.  Once completed, these will be shared with city/county EMS for input/feedback.

Ø  PAYG Request – February 2018 – this will be for some safety equipment and elementary technology.

Ø  Seniors Purchase of Chromebooks – seniors will be able to purchase their Chromebooks at the end of the year if             they choose.    

Ø  Yearly Calendar – all items have been addressed.

Ø  Live Broadcast of board meetings – much discussion on this topic.  While some board members feel that                         transparency is necessary and this would be an avenue for people to know what goes on at a board meeting, others      feel that all  meetings are advertised, agendas are posted and all meetings are open to the public and would lead to         potential allegations that would have to be legally defended.  A suggestion was made for something like a “Town             Hall” meeting once or twice a year following our Comprehensive Needs Assessment meetings might be another             avenue to keep the public informed and engaged with the school system.  More information will be gathered on

     this idea.

Action Item

1.         Authorization was given to close the 2010 bond account and transfer any unused money to the PAYG account.

2.         Following executive session, the following personnel action was approved:

Retirement:              Kim Wilkes – Teacher at MYES effective end of SY 18

                                    Nancy Dockery – teacher at WCHS effective end of SY 18

                                    Debbie Simmons – Secretary at WCMS effective 6-1-18

                                    Fran McLeod – Teacher at WCMS effective end of SY 18

           Kathy Ferguson – Paraprofessional at MYES effective 1-31-18                                               

Transfer:                   Mike Merck – from full-time bus driver to sub driver effective 2-12-18 

Resignations:            Abigail Loggins – Teacher t WCMS effective end of SY 18

Courtney Barnard – Teacher at WCMS effective end of SY 18

                                    Shana Adams – Teacher at WCMS effective end of SY 18                                   

Appointments:         Administrative Staff for FY 19      

                                    Amanda Harrison – Substitute School Nutrition Assistant contingent to background check

                                    Denise Kelley – Bookkeeper at JPNES effective 3-1-18

            Josh Canady – Full-time bus driver effective 2-21-18


            Mitchell Weaver – Substitute Bus Monitor effective 2-21-18


            Jenny Davidson – Substitute School Nurse

3.         Approved a pay increase Driver Trainers                                   

The meeting adjourned at 9:46 AM.