Public Participation Procedure

The purpose of a school board meeting is to consider and conduct the business of the school system. All meetings of the White County Board of Education are open to the public, and an opportunity for public comment is provided on each meeting agenda. Any citizen wishing to address the Board may be placed on the agenda as follows:

A request to speak to the Board may be made in writing no later than the Thursday prior to the board meeting. A form is available in the Superintendent’s office or on the system’s website. 

Before requesting to address the Board, questions, and concerns that involve instruction, discipline, transportation, and personnel may be solved by following a simple step-by- step process: At a minimum, persons should have contacted the Teacher and/or the Principal.



*Central Office Administrator

*Assistant Superintendent


If several individuals wish to address the Board concerning the same matter, the Board chair may ask that a spokesperson for each side of an issue be selected to speak.

**All public participation items should be kept to less than five minutes.