Board of Education - Belief Statements / Goals

"Know, Value, Inspire Every Child"

Vision Statement

White County Schools will continuously strive to improve, through individual and combined efforts, in areas of academic achievement, citizenship, and personal and global growth

Mission Statement

 The mission of the White County School System, in partnership with parents and community, is to promote quality lifelong learning and to foster productive citizenship in a safe and caring environment.

White County School Board 2015 – 2016 Goals

  1. Provide leadership which leads to improved academic achievement
  2. Provide leadership in the design and building of the new White County High School Renovations and additions
  3. Provide leadership in developing a budget which leads to financial stability for the school system today and for the future
  4. Provide leadership in development of academic options for students including, but not limited to collaboration with North Georgia Technical College, Truett McConnell College, North Georgia College, online dual credit options, Georgia Virtual School, blending learning opportunities, etc.

Belief Statement

  1. Every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe and caring environment.
  2. It is important for schools to encourage the intellectual, physical, emotional, aesthetic, and social  development of students.
  3. Good discipline is expected in order to maximize student learning!
  4. Instructional strategies of the school accommodate a variety of student needs and learning styles.
  5. Community and parent involvement and financial support are essential elements for the successful operation of the  schools.
  6. The societal and governmental changes that impact the school system must be addressed proactively.
  7. Students have an innate desire for learning and schools share the responsibility for encouraging them to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society.
  8. The use of technology is recognized as an essential skill in a global society.
  9. The educational process provides for assessing, evaluating, developing, and implementing a quality school program.
  10. The curriculum is broad and is sequence.
  11. The school system recruits, develops, and retains quality personnel.
A comfortable, attractive, and well-maintained environment is conductive to learning.
AdvancEd System Goals

  1. Retain our system’s AdvancEd accreditation
  2. Maintain teacher morale, provide information to and support for our teachers.
  3. Maintain a strong financial position through a healthy fund balance and good stewardship.
  4. Continue to increase student achievement and improve achievement of our gifted student and our students with disabilities.
  5. Review and make adjustments in our gifted and special education curricula as needed.
  6. Provide more system-level and school-level communications with parents and being sure to include parents in course selection decisions.
  7. Develop a clear and comprehensive system for identifying students for honors (advanced courses) and recognize all honor and high achieving students in a variety ways including awards programs.
Develop Individualized Graduation Plans (including track to success based on student career goals, predictions for assessments) for all student grade 6 – 12 over the next two years.